Green light for “The Cold”

Today Despot Film green lighted “The Cold”, a short film that will provoke thoughts about how humans and nature are interrelated and convey the message that people feel good to do good deeds. The Cold is primarily aimed at children between 6 – 10 years. The Cold will be filmed with a Nikon D3s camera or Nikon D7000.  The length is about 8 minutes and the genre is adventure. Premiere, February 2011.

Extracts from the script and the storyboard for “The Cold”.

Script by Miko Lazic and storyboard by Giuseppe Cristiano.


Through the fog they see a glimpse of a blurred outline of a large animal. Natasha sees the animal standing still. The fog slowly disappears and the animal emerges more clearly. There is a moose that is icy, and apparently dead. Relieved that the fog disappeared, Natasha walks gently towards the moose. Some of the kids throw snowballs at the moose. Natasha is waving hear hand that they should stop and then she is gently patting the moose on the nose. She is looking sadly into the big dark moose eyes. Suddenly the moose blinks with the eyes.

RED vs NIKON D3S Green screen test

RED vs Nikon D3S test was done in After Effects. The Nikon D3S footage was upressed to 4K with Instant HD plug-in. The frame rate conversion from uncompressed Nikon D3S 60p to 25p was made with Twixtor plug-in. No color correction and only basic keying with Keylight plug-in. The final result was rendered to a .tga file sequence and then scaled down to 1920×1080, mp4/H264 in Procoder to match the Vimeo standard.

Conclusion: The RED 4K material has more and sharper details but it is more complicated to key out the green screen.

RED Settings

4K, 320 ISO, 50mm f:2.8, K5600

NIKON D3S Settings

720 60P uncompressed via Black Magic Intensity, 200 ISO, 50mm f:4.0, K5560